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Nov 24, 2013 11:00pm PST
francisco. and in the history of the gay rights movement. it was 35 years ago that former supervisor dan white entered city hall and shot and killed mayor george masconi and supervisor harvey milk. in 1998 on the 20th anniversary of those assassinations, dennis richmond had a look back at those days and san francisco politics. >> reporter: on november 27th, 1998, the bay area was still reeling on the events in jones town where 75 people had lost their lives. we thought nothing that wrenching could happen that soon and we were wrong. >> both mayor masconi and supervisor milk have been shot and killed. the suspect is supervisor dan white. >> reporter: the bay area was reeling again. this time over the assassination of two of san francisco's most prominent elected officials. >> it was incomprehensible. it was incomprehensible. and dan white as a killer was incomprehensible. so, when i went out to make the announcement, i felt i mean it was like i wasn't in this world. i wasn't in the world i knew i was in some other world. >> reporter: george masconi the city's liberal major who had won ele
Al Jazeera America
Nov 13, 2013 5:00pm EST
a gay marriage bill today that puts the state's new law into affect. on december 2nd. the state is expecting to see additional revenue as a destination for same sex weddings and honeymoons. "inside story" is next. >> with hawai'i joining the list today, 15 states have now legalized gay marriage. civil rights clash with states rights as the courts as an equality movement hits a new movement in america. that's on "inside story." >> hello, i'm ray suareza. when the governor of hawai'i signed same-sex marriage into law wins it brought the issue full circle to where it began. it was 1991 when a woman sued to have the right to marry her partner. since that lawsuit the pace of change towards same-sex marriage is nothing short of astonishing. on this edition of "inside story" we're going to discuss this sweeping social change including the fact that a majority of states still limit marriages to heterosexual couples. hawai'i became the 15th state in the u.s. to recognize same-sex marriage on wednesday. [applause] approved in the state senate and signed by democratic governor neil abercro
Comedy Central
Nov 21, 2013 11:30pm PST
it be? >> i would ask for more >> stephen: tonight, a new way to stop the gays. then advice for a happy thanksgiving. don't beat a turkey. then, i sit down with j.j. abrams who is directing the new "star war "movies let's hope j.jvmentd doesn't stand for jar-jar. wait a minute a second, neil patrick harris is a mutant? this is the "colbert report. captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: report to the report. thank you so much. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for joining us. i got a-- ( cheers and applause ) folks. thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. thank you, folks. thank you for your support. thank you for joining us on this, the last day of america, because, folks, it is all over. i am-- i am packing up and getting out of this country and moving back to south carolina. ( cheers and applause ) and here's why-- >> breaking news, senate democrats vote to approve the so-called nuclear options. >> before the democrats voted to change the rules, the nuclear option through that up, totally cha
Al Jazeera America
Nov 16, 2013 5:00pm EST
regular civil unions an partnerships. and 30 have included outright ban against gay marriage. today, more than a third of the u.s. population lives in states that recognize gay marriage. >> more people leave congress and newer people step in who are from our generation. i think if it's not changed now or sometime soon it will be changed then. >> according it , 57% of americans were opposed to legalizing marriages for gay and lesbian couples. but now the majority in 2013 support gay marriage with 53% and 43% against. the first lawsuit filed came from hawai'i 20 years ago. congress passed the defense of marriage act or doma, and this year the supreme court struck down doma ruling that it was unconstitutional to deny marriage rights. >> today i get to look at the man that i love and finally say, will you please marry me? >> reporter: the verdict opened the doors to a flood of federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples. now they can file federal taxes jointly, share social security retirement and not pay an estate tax if they're the surviving spouse and sponsor a green card. six sta
Comedy Central
Nov 22, 2013 9:35am PST
the senate. i am sad to report america is losing the battle against gay marriage. the district of columbia and 16 states have legalized man-on mantwoimony including just last week hawaii. it's aloa traditional values, and aloha, gay marriage. ( laughter ) ( applause ) i wish i could assailant opposite. just last night, the government of illinois signed same-sex marriage legislation into law. you know who's happy about that? theee bears! worst of all, woferlt of all, our military has fallen prey to the homosexual gay agenda. three years ago they dropped don't ask, don't tell. at first i figured the gays wouldn't want to be in the military, the the cameo is so matchy-matchy. turns out gay people have some sort of sick fetish for serving their country and now they're cashing in on those sweet benefits. just ask secretary of defense and man who was crying just before you walked in, chuck hagel. >> when the supreme court issued its decision on the defense of marriage act this summer, the department of defense immediately began working on providing same benefits, same benefits to all eligible sp
Al Jazeera America
Nov 19, 2013 7:30pm EST
the biological children of their partners. mississippi and utah have banned gay adoption. >> when people and me what it was like growing up with two mops, i usually ask them, what was it like growing up with a mom and dad? they usually reply, normal. and i say, me too. >> recent studies have offered conflicting impact on the impact, and while the majority of those as well as being raised by a mom and a dad, studies show that not having a parent is harder than having gender roles in the home. but is it the parents or the quality of the parenting that has a bigger impact? a gay rights advocate who was raised in a lesbian household. and david, he's a researcher and author in the field of adoption, foster care and gay parenting. welcome, everyone, to "the stream." and david i want to start with you. we mentioned that a number of these studies have emerged and they focus on the success or failure of these households. there's data on whatever a person holds on the subject. do you see anything scientifically that points to any valid conclusions? >> i do, and i think i would like to correct you. becau
Al Jazeera America
Nov 7, 2013 2:00pm EST
on the issue of gay rights. britain's top spies going public, blasting ns action leaker edward snowden. and the markets all a twitter the social media giant debuting today on wall street. the senate is on the verge of making history. this is a live image coming in. right now the senators are voting on a bill that would ban employers from discriminating against gay, by sexual, and transgendered americans. that bill is expected to pass. according to the american civil liberties union, in 29 states it is now legal to fire or even not hire someone based on their sexual orientation. in 33 states trance gender people can be fired, or even denied employment. a bent 11 poll finding the 73 pest of likely voters support protection for gays, lesbians and transgendered people. joining us now life from washington, mike, the democrats seem to be rather happy today? >> well, they are, and so are members of the lgbt community. there is no question about it. you know, federal law prohibits the discrimination on the basis of faith, gender,th in additionty, race, age, disability. but not on the basis of
Al Jazeera America
Nov 4, 2013 12:30pm EST
. is the republican party at war with its self over gay marriage? >>> same-sex marriage is now legal in fourteen states. just before it came into effect for new jersey, republican governor chris christie quietly dropped his effort to stop those unions. now, some say his action or lack thereof shows a larger shift within the republican party on the issue of gay rights. earlier this year, the republican national committee voted unanimously to keep the definition of "marriage" as between one man and one woman. so is the g.o.p. sticking with socially conservative values, or are there signals that it's tent is getting bigger? our digital producer is here. feedback. there was never a shortage of opinions about the g.o.p. and issues. >> this is a very light-hearted issue with no divides. >> we tackle the easy stuff? >> using the hatch tag ajanstream. >> an antiquated from puff daddy, why should the perverts have extra special rights above others? maria from nyc says, i will say the g.o.p.'s defense of marriage initiatives is proof of how afraid they are of the lgbt community. a.j.delgato. >> finally, d
Comedy Central
Nov 4, 2013 7:30pm PST
cnn is not the only network if they've asked if it's gay thing or bad thing. other things do it as well. when fox asks they know the answer. >> they say that 100 million people looked up john 3:16 during the football game. is that a good thing? i think it's a fabulous thing. >> making student loans more affordable is this a good thing? bad. >> bad. >> bad. >> jon: got it. bible good, education baaaad. wait a minute, what if a student wants a loan to go to bible school school? brain freeze! but, of course, msnbc sometimes asks as well but sarcastically. >> wisconsin has been losing jobs for six straight months since walker's budget went into effect. ask yourself the question is that a good thing or a bad thing. >> we've seen for the record 21 straight months of private sector growth. mr. romney is that a good thing or a bad thing. if the government today stops a pennsylvania pool from kicking out black kids is in a a good thing or bad thing? >> jon: the answer to all three are what are you (bleep) stupid? but cnn, they genuinely seem not to know. good thing, bad thing? they r
Nov 4, 2013 2:00pm EST
, the springfield officials refused to reinstate him because a veteran police officer had revealed he was gay. but officer carney was determined to return to the force. because he lives in mass marks one of only 1 states that protect employees against discrimination based on sexual orientation or general identity, officer carney is now back on the job serving and protecting the people of springfield, massachusetts. i'm also pleased to say nevada law also includes robust protections against this type of discrimination. officer carney testified before the house of representatives in 2007 and shared his story. mr. president, this is what he said: "i'm god cop. i've lost two and a half years of employment, fighting to get that job back because i'm gay. i never would have been able to do that had i not lived in massachusetts or in one of the handful of other states that protect employees from discrimination. sadly you mr. president, not everyone is able to fight back like officer carney. in 33 states, lesbian, gay yo cn be fired or harassed just for being who they are. sam hall was terrorized by h
Nov 28, 2013 2:00am EST
republicans oppose gay marriage. not all republicans oppose immigration reform. i want to talk more detail about immigration reform. we must pass it. the system is broke. not doing anything is endorsing the status quo. we must pass it because it makes economic sense. it makes national security sense. every hispanic will tell you the same thing. immigration is not a priority issue for hispanic voters greeted sometimes it is not even in the top five. what it is an emotional issue. it is a gateway issue. too often the immigration debate turns hostile and ugly. you often it sounds like there are some folks who don't want us in this country. unfortunately, more often than not, dear members of my party. let me assure you, [indiscernible] if they think you do not like them, do want them to be members of the club, and a likelihood they won't like you back and will let you -- and will not elect you. on election night 2012, i said mitt romney self deported from the white house. where are we on immigration reform? i'm not sure we have 11 million undocumented immigrants in united states preyed most ra
Comedy Central
Nov 18, 2013 11:00pm PST
to the program. [cheers and applause] for yet another installment in the award series gay watch. our first story tonight daughter of the former vice president liz cheney who is running for senate. now may be thinking to yourself that really doesn't sound so gay. [ laughter ] well, as you probably know cheney's sister is both gay and married and recently supporters of liz cheney's senate primary opponent mike enzi decided to make liz cheney choose sides. >> she's been attacked by superpack ads for being in favor of gay marriage. she appears on msnbc to campaign against the marriage amendment. >> jon: oh, my god she appears on msnbc that's basically the gay bath house of cable news. [laughter] that makes what she said on the network gay squared. [laughter] but that was a chance for liz cheney to have a defining moment to stand up not only for her sister but for equality. >> i do believe it's an issue that has to be left up to the states. i do believe in the traditional definition of marriage. >> jon: you know remember when dick cheney retired and we were worried there wouldn't be a cheney on telev
Nov 19, 2013 6:00pm PST
the proponent of curing gay people through therapy, he was photographed returning from a long european vacation in the company of a young man who he had met and hired through a website called he said he just needed young and strapping to carry his luggage for. but actually what he was hired for was to give sensual massages to his older and well paying client on that trip. they isn't this to all 15,000 superintendents in the country, telling them that they should not believe the hype that any of their students might have been born gay or trance gender. the letter said, quote, it is critical to understand that these conditions can respond well to therapy. so if you're gay, don't worry, it can be cured. says the boy with the hooker masseuse. sorry, masseuse. george reekers is part of a group called narth. that's the leading clinical organization that says they can cure you of being gay. ex other well known organization that claims to be able to change your sexual orientation actually closed up shop. they issued a statement in which they actually admitted that you can't change the sexu
Nov 18, 2013 7:00pm PST
. the gay rights movement is having that as we speak. biases become very hard to detect. and you can only look at the macro level. >> if you are a tea party republican you will say this, oprah winfrey is saying that barack obama can't cut a break in this country? you have one of the most powerful media figures in the world. only in america did that happen. we had a black president. only in america. we have come a huge amount of way here. one of the reasons some of us want to live here is because of that. europeans have never elected a black prime minister. to say it cannot possibly exist is wrong. but i think to be as specific as she was in this particular moment, i think you're right -- >> but overcoming -- >> i think the best evidence we have of the degree of racial hostility is the high percentage of americans who say they believe obama is muslim and born outside of the united states. those are not traditional racist views. they are views that he is foreign and not american. i think part of the anxiety is that he is a symbol of a new kind of america, more cosmopolitan. he is a child of
Nov 10, 2013 8:40pm EST
as gay? >> guest: they were not excited my mother cried and cried and cried. extremely difficult in a relationship but i don't think all of my relatives know yet a funny thing in the chinese family the way information is passed around. the chinese lehr the christian in layer eight and between the two there is shame my parents have not exactly broadcast it to everyone. >> host: you have written a book whether or not jesus loves to. what is your christianity today? >> guest: and i attended a reformed church in brooklyn diamond older there isn't the faith of those goes through peeks and valleys i would be lying if i would say in his consistent. is a struggle. you look fatah or every confine evidence and then you have points but for a knee that tends to be nature to feel it pulls me closer. >> host: are you a christian today? >> guest: i would use that word sometimes i am troubled by the basics of the language. what do we mean evangelical? conservative? but christian is the right term. i follow jesus as best i can. >> host: so with your search what did you find with established relig
FOX News
Nov 25, 2013 1:00am PST
sister is gay. >> your sister, mary, who is married to a woman, put out this post. she said, for the record, i love my sister. you. but she is dead wrong on the issue of marriage. >> yeah. listen, i love mary very much. i love her family very much. this is just an issue on which we disagree. >> that interview brought a stinging retort on facebook for mary cheney who wrote there isn't a lot of gray here. you think all families should be treated equally or you don't. liz's pgs so to treat my family as second class citizens. not a position i can be lovingly tolerant towards. liz cheney says she's always treated her sister and her sister's family with love and respect exactly as she should have done. the sharp exchange is a huge weight of coverage on cnn. also especially on msnbc. >> next tonight we take you inside a private family feud playing out on the national stage. >> the close-knit cheney family has always presented a united front until now. >> why on earth would liz cheney come out so directly against equality and marriage when she has a sibling. >> nobody has started po
Comedy Central
Nov 20, 2013 11:30pm PST
of those combined-- the gays. yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. no, no, we're all scared. ( laughter ) russia's olympic olympics are ed by homosexuals who insist on existing during them. ( laughter ) that's why last june, vladimir putin signed a law banning all homosexual propaganda, including public displays of affection, or displaying symbols like a rainbow flack. good thinking. because the visible spectrum has always had a gay agenda. ( laughter ) ( applause ) i mean, it explains why we're always hearing about roy g. biv, but never mrs. g. biv. where is she, roy? some in the l.g.b.t l.g.b.t. co, which consider stands for something-something-something- te something-something-something-te rrorist, are threatening to stage a gay-in. >> there's all sorts of abutting protest movements against the winter olympics because of the homophobic stance of putins and the russian laws. >> there should be wearing of rainbow colors. there should be protests. there should be more speech. >> an openly gay spade skater wants to go there, wear a rainbow pin and say, "i'm here, i'm gay, and i'm okay." >> hey,
Nov 8, 2013 7:30pm PST
surprising new economic news. depressing new healthcare news. a big week in politics and gay rights. "washington week" gwen: a topsy-turvy economy. are up but so is the jobless rate. but spending is down. what is the problem? needs to stop throwing up obstacles in the way economic growth. gwen: on healthcare, even a ocrats are searching for fix. >> why keep limping along? just shut it down and put it together the way it together.put >> there is no words to describe the frustration we all have. am sorry that they are finding themselves in this ituation base on assurances they got from me. gwen: will apologies be enough? races governors delivered different messages. for virginia. night. a great >> for new jersey. and for 2016. know that if we can do this n trenton, new jersey, maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in their tv's right done.d see how it is gwen: the senate moves to ban againste discrimination homosexuals. >> it is about opportunity, about whether every american dream the same dream, chase the same ambitions, and the same shot at success. itn: but will the ho
Nov 16, 2013 5:00am PST
of congress who recently revealed that he's gay was found to be leading in a poll by 2 points in a race for governor of what state? >> time. maine, the state o maine. this prominent house republican and potential 2016 candidate will be the headline speaker tonight. >> paul ryan. >> we expect a fascial review guy to know that. 300 points here, larry preszler, a former three term senator who briefly sought the presidential nomination in 1980 and bolted to endorse barak obama announced this week he may run as an independent correct year for his old senate seat in what state. >> i know you know this. >> i know i know this i knew the previous. >> time. correct answer south dakota. 300 point question. this former senator who lost his seat to a tea party challenger will be awarded a presidential medal. >> lugger. >> that's correct. 300 point question. >> this republican officially filed papers friday to challenge mitch mcconal. >> matt evan. >> this week they blocked law professor nina pillard to serve on what. >> the d.c. certificate. >> what's the score? susan page 1,200 points, you defeated
Nov 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
won out. it was an organization designed to cure people of being gay. they would help you pray the gay away. homosexuality is treatable, so if you end up gay, it's just your fault for refusing to be treated and cured. as focus on the family got bigger and more influential over the years, it ended up turning colorado springs into almost kind of a company town. colorado springs became the evangelical capital of the country, by some people's measure. and that, of course, had huge repercussions for the town. just ask yelp, but it also had repercussions for one specific branch of the united states military. the hq for focus on the family is just a very, very short drive away from the united states air force academy, which was already in colorado springs when focus on the family moved there in the 1990s, but there's been signs of struggle over the outsized influence of evangelical briefs is and conservative christian values on the air force academy. on the institution, on the faculty, and on the student body, which, of course, is the elite, soon-to-be officer corps of the u.s. air force. in
Nov 5, 2013 5:00am EST
despuÉs de no se cuantos aÑos le confesÓ que era gay y le gustaban los hombres. >> y sentiste en el momento en que lo viste que hubo algo asÍ como un amor a primera vista, o fueron de verdad las cosas. >> no, nada de eso, porque es imposible predecir que me podÍa enamorar del papÁ de mi novia que es gay, no. simplemente yo lleguÉ y empezÓ a portarse sÚper bien conmigo y ahÍ empezaron a despertarse sentimientos mÍos hacia Él. >> ¿quÉ fue de tu novia, de tu ex novia cÓmo lo tomo, en quÉ momento se enterÓ?. >> quiero que ella misma nos lo diga, adelante christine. >> (aplausos). >> (♪). >> hola christine, pasa por favor. >> yo francamente no sÉ ni por dÓnde empiezo arp a preguntarte ¿quÉ fuerte cÓmo te enteraste?. >> lleguÉ una noche del trabajo, como a las 12 de la noche llegÉe del trabajo y como normal, me gusta despedirme de mi papÁ y decirle buenas noches papÁ. entonces yo... me pongo abro la puerta y le digo. >> sin llamar a la puerta me imagino. >> sin llamar a la puerta, me gusta abrir porque tengo la costumbre de abrir la puerta y entonces le digo pa' d
Nov 16, 2013 3:00am PST
up column on the issue of gay rights and discrimination, and a really interesting thing happened in the last few days involving senator mark kirk's office. in the home state of illinois, there's a group called the world congress of families, they're headquartered in rockford, illinois. the world congress of families is not just an anti-gay group. they're not a run of the mill anti-gay group. they're a super mega double dutch really emphatically anti-gay group. when russia started passing all of its recent anti-gay legislation that has alarmed the whole world about russia taking this stark anti-gay turn right before they host the winter olympics, it was the world congress of families in rockford, illinois, that was not just applauding what russia was doing, they started sending american anti-gay activists to go to moscow to advise russia on how to improve their anti-gay legislation. to praise russia for what they were doing, to encourage them to do more. as a reward or a sign of support for how anti-gay russia has become, the world congress of families is planning on holding an in
Nov 4, 2013 5:30pm EST
right. >>> a bill banning workplace discrimination against gays has enough support to move forward. it could reverse current laws which doesn't prevent employers from firing or refusing to hire workers. president barack obama in a message called on the. >>> the pass the legislation. >>> the conditioning man of maine who has been running for governor said he is gay. if he wins the governor's praise next year, he would become the first openly gay candidate to become candidate. that makes him the 8ing at openly gay member if congress. he decided to come out. >>> well, he said he was sorry. italy based pasta maker barila faced criticism. they said they have a newly established board to develop diversity goals and strategies. in september gays and others raced calls to boycott. new had campaigns are now and. >> sounds like paula deen. >> paula deen, barilla. >>> tonight the monument goes dark. >> who is hotter on twitter, justin bieber or katy perry? >>> connor knight from the list shows us how gift cards for one store may work in others. >> sears announced it was considering splitti
Al Jazeera America
Nov 7, 2013 2:30pm EST
's a successful writer and outspoken activist for gay writes. and take-- takeis a leaderin the media revolution. >> george, welcome to al jazeera, it's good to have you on the program. >> it's good to be here. >> i saw your were in washington talking to politicians. you obviously have as much of a passion for politics as you do for star trek. >> i'm a passionate guy and we live in a world where there's so many things we can be passionate about - positively or enraged. >> talk about your political activism. where does it come from? >> my life has been shaped by childhood incarsies. >> the japanese concentration. >> japanese-american. when you say japanese, you think you were captured by the japanese. we were american citizens, mother born in sack ra mmento, father a san francisco. we were american citizens, because we looked like the people that bombed pearl harbour, president roosevelt signed executive order 9066 ordering japanese americans on the west coast to be rounded up prisons. >> howl were you? >> i was five years owl. happening? >> i didn't understand a thing. my parents were tense. the
Comedy Central
Nov 5, 2013 11:30pm PST
billions of insects are having gay sex accidentally. that's a relief. it's all just one big misunderstanding. i'm not surprised. bugs are always getting it wrong. look at the birds and the bees-- hey, bs, stop screwing those birds. they're not giant bees. , and folks, it's happening, because the bugs are in such a rush to reproduce they conot take enough time to inspect their potential mate's gender. see, there's nothing gay there. it's just a normal manua normale to bang everything that moves. and once we're going down that road, we never ask for directions. am i right, ladies? the tv man explains more. >> the female parasitic wasp is ready to mate. her irresistible perfume is designed to attract all available males. just as the female signals her admiration, another male rushes in to claim the reward. flushed with success, he doesn't notice he's trying to mate with a male. he doesn't realize because the second male, after contact with the female, now smells like her. >> stephen: hey, we've all been there. ( laughter ) ( applause ) i mean, scent is confusing. you walk past
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,444 (some duplicates have been removed)